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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thank YOU from dad and daughter

Here I am sitting back in Chicago. I just ate a picnic in the park with my roommate. I have nearly completed emptying my bags. Life goes on even when you're not on a bike. But before moving onto the rest, I have a few more thoughts to unpack. We may have done the physical riding, but you were a critical part of our success. I am always in awe of how much any serious undertaking by an individual (or two individuals) is aided by the greater community. Thus this post is in honor of you.

Thank you:
Laura Sinclair for all of your behind the scenes work. For checking the weather for us when we were fearful of incoming storms. For arranging breakfast. For being my friend.

Britney Kreimer and Claire Fischer for corralling the donations and the media. For helping make the group ride possible.

Stephen Johnson-Grove for being an avid blog commenter. For designing the final lag of our trip. For welcoming us home with your beautiful daughters.

the rest of OJPC for all the hard work you do everyday. For joining us for our ride. For fighting the fight.

Ramsey Ford for designing our fabulous logo.

All the donors and sponsors for your generous donations in these hard economic times.

Wayne and Teresa in Crump, TN for a lovely conversation over a late lunch. For inviting us back for the night (even though we were unable to take you up on the offer).

Bob in Kentucky for your coverage in the storm.

Steve and Carol at Market Street Inn for giving us a night in the lap of luxury.

Johnny Clark from Perkinsville, AL for the ride to Columbus, MS when we were down and out.

Cadence 120, especially Keith for putting our bike together for the ride and then giving us roadside assistance when we had chain break #1.

Dave and Nick for the tire and good company. Dave and Nick are riding across the country. You can follow their travels here.

Lady on riding lawn mower in Tennessee who gave us water.

Couple in Indiana who gave us water.

Guy who brought us gatorade when we were too tired to talk.

Guy who drove next to us and chatted.

People of the church in Alabama who welcomed us in for a morning of worship and community.

All the people who waved and smiled along the way.

Carla and George for giving us a much needed respite.

Masseuse in Carbondale for giving my body the best massage it has ever received.

Mom for being a wonderful supporter of our ambitions and adventure. For giving us the time together.

John and Mitch of Biowheels for technical support.

J Branch for being a fantastic law partner to Al, and helping make it possible for him to leave work for such extended periods of time.

Kane for blog advice

Blog commenters, especially E Branch, for undying support and enthusiasm!

Really. Thank you to everyone. Deep breath. Sigh.

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  1. I love dad-and-daughter memories! I bet you can relate to this music video I put together about all the wonderful "Daddy and Erin" moments I shared with my daughter!

    Blue skies!

    Phil Bolsta