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Friday, June 5, 2009

Proud of my Daughter

Jessica is tough. We have had three days of rain. Our derailleur was not working on the climbs. We had many climbs. And there was only fast food when we stopped for breakfast this morning. A call ahead to the one motel in our destination town revealed that the place was closed. And it was only 10:30 a.m. Do we stop for the day and regroup? Do we press ahead and hope it will all work out? When she was a little girl Jessica would have cried when the day did not go just right. Not today. She helped attack all of the problems. We have a tradition in our family of “going to the end of the world” when making such choices. So we pressed ahead. The hills continued but the rain let up and we even saw the sun in the late afternoon. We reached a spot twenty miles out from our destination. I started negotiating for a ride to a town beyond our cycling capacity that had lodging. But Jessica learned of a motel in a town 14 miles off route and even figured the route for the next day to get us back on track. We went to her town. She is tough. And tired. And will be asleep very soon. I am proud of my daughter.

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