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Saturday, June 13, 2009

cheapest motel quiz

All who know me also know that I do not like to waste money on fluff.

Post your guess as a comment and list lowest amount of money we have spent on a motel during this trip. Correct answer and best guess will be posted Monday night !


  1. Wait, what's the prize? What do I win? If the prize is not monetary, is it at least a trophy, .... and does it look at all like the Stanley Cup?
    (wink) ;^)

    My official guess is: $0.00

    Not only did you NOT pay for any motel, but if you *did* stay at a motel you schmoozed, or should I say negotiated, for the motel to donate the amount of the night's stay to the OJPC.

    What do I win?

    Good luck you guys, you both are awesome!
    E. Branch

  2. I am sure your getting hotel rooms on the cheap, but I doubt you could get hotel management folks to donate very often (if at all), and I hesitate to think you guys arent showering fairly often :P My guess is $30 (not counting taxes). Motel 6 anyone?

  3. If you shelled out for a hotel, I'm estimating $19.00 at Econo Lodge or other fleabag establishment.


  4. $35 I'll be surprised if you could beat $35, which was the rate I found 10 years ago for a "lovely" motel in Girard, OH, where we stayed every time we had to be overnight in Youngstown until we could upgrade to the truely lovely Red Roof in suburbia.

  5. The winner has been posted, scroll up for Al's post!

    (Grrrrr.... it wasn't me.)

    :::::waving to JB::::::
    Hi, JB. :^D