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Thursday, June 18, 2009


They don't do any harm if you find them before they burrow into the skin. In "Kenticky" I picked off numerous ticks after roadside breaks. The rolling hills near Brandenberg were great and the bridge and road to Corydon in Southern Indiana were wonderful backdrops to the Billy Collins poetry and podcasts we listenened to on the Ipod. I fixed a flat near an outdoor cafe in Corydon - beautiful town that still has a thriving downtown. No rain yesterday! We also passed the 1000 mile point on our trip! We agreed to celebrate with another stay at a B & B but after a gruelling final hour we were stunned to find that we had overshot the B & B by eight miles! Amazingly, Steve, of the Market Street Inn in Jeffersonville quickly jumped in his pick up and delivered us to a comfortable, beautiful B & B two blocks from the river and good restaurants!

We feasted nearby and toasted our progress.
It will be hard to get in the saddle again this morning. I certainly recommend the Market Street Inn to all who want a Louisville area getaway!

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