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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Real Day 1: Mobile to Bay Minette

I am overloaded with stories, thoughts, feelings and exhaustion. Thus, this one is going to have to be brief. My dad warned me that during the first week of a bike trip night productivity is rare. I feel that the satisfaction of sleep in bike riding world is comprable to the satisfaction of a good night with friends in social Chicago world.

Today was not a very long day in miles, but it was day 1. With day 1 comes the tweaks and twitters of getting body, mind, machine and gear in line. We biked 47 miles today. Most of it was in the rain. Most of the time we were being passed by fast cars and even a good number of semis. This is not the scenic biking we are hoping to encounter soon. We biked somewhat out of our way after being thrown off by Mobile's highways and suburbs, but we eventually made it into Bay Minette in time for lunch and my dad's afternoon conference call.

It was during lunch that I really felt Alabama. The waitress called me sugar. The men at the table next to us fought for 15 minutes about which roads we should bike on. I overheard a wonderful conversation about the role of biscuits in causing high blood pressure. Anecdotes abound. Eyelids are heavy. Tomorrow's forecast is thunderstorms. Our plan: 87 miles. Here's to hoping.

I'm working on making a map that tracks our progress. Click here for now, but eventually I hope to get it into the blog.

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