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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cincinnati Enquirer

We've made it into the news!

Check out the Cincinnati Enquirer article online.


  1. For some reason, the link you had didn't work for me. Try this:

  2. Al,

    Great article! I really admire what your doing with your daughter as a partner. As the father of two girls, who given this challenge one would jump on immediatley and the other would look at her nails. Bravo,

    Mike Cureton

  3. Stephen's link works, thanks Stephen!

    Al and Jessica,
    Congrats on the newspaper article, your blog is a great read, too... I hope you can find the energy to keep posting you two! Sorry to hear about the chain.... hoping you have smooth riding from now on!

    Speaking of chains, I once found a sheared heavy duty chain link in the road while walking in North Carolina, it was probably the much mentioned "weakest link" and I have kept it for years as my "key chain." I hope you get some great memories and souveniers along your ride... but no more broken chains! (and no more road kill!) yeeps!

    Best wishes,
    Elizabeth Branch